Ron Fesmire

After completing my education at Nanhall School of Grooming, I designed a grooming space and opened Classic Canine Design, now Classic Grooming. The original studio was 400 square feet, located in Uptown Charlotte. Currently, with 20 employees, we occupy a 4000 square foot facility in the trendy SouthEnd neighborhood.

I’m truly grateful for so many wonderful clients and also fortunate to have developed such meaningful relationships. Classic Grooming has been built on those relationships and we have relied on their kind recommendations to grow the business.

I’m most grateful for the unbelievable talent of the Classic Grooming Team! They represent passion and a desire for the best. A diverse group that all have one thing in common….a huge heart for these amazing creatures called dogs.

I have to mention my beautiful standard poodle, Bridgette. She and I built a business together. Her beauty and grace opened many doors, and won many hearts. I miss her dearly.


Stephanie Cuthbertson - Groomer ~ with us since 01/17/2006

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Hi. My name is Charline. My buddy, Edgar and I joined the Classic Grooming family in May 2007. I had been in the corporate world for the better part of my 15 year career and was looking for a change. I hadn’t realized that I found my canine calling until I walked into Classic Grooming to pick up my puppy up from his spa day. A casual conversation with Ron turned into a career. Evidently, it was meant to be. What I thought was a temporary gig “just washing dogs” became so much more. I am grateful to have an opportunity to work with these precious animals every day, to provide them with loving care and quality services. I am also happy to work with our great clients, providing them with the best customer service we can. It has been a rewarding career.

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PAIGE PLAYER - GROOMER ~ with us since 04/19/2011

I attended the South Carolina school of Dog Grooming in 2007 and started working at Classic Grooming in 2011. I applied to work at Classic Grooming in hopes of continuing to learn and grow as a groomer. Since beginning this job I have grown and gained more knowledge on specific breed trims and I am currently in the process of gaining certification through the NDGAA.


EMILY BELLEFLEUR - GROOMER ~ with us since 08/26/2011

I have had the pleasure to be be working at Classic Grooming since August 2011. During that time, I have learned valuable lessons on the art of grooming. I have recently acquired my certification of non sporting breeds through the NDGAA with outstanding marks. I am passionate about what I do for all of the wonderful dogs that I meet. My number one priority is to make sure every dog receives loving care and respect during their visits with me.


LINDSAY ECHOLS - GROOMER ~ with us since 04/27/2

I have been an animal lover since I was 3 and got my first dog, North-a Basset Hound. Growing up my family had both cats and dogs and inspired me to begin a career in the pet industry in 2000 as a kennel assistant. As a high school student I worked in a pet retail store and as a bather in a pet salon.

In 2005, I decided to continue my education with pets and become a groomer. This has been one of the best decisions of my life-I truly cannot imagine my life without grooming. Working with dogs gives me a great sense of accomplishment and sense of purpose. Making dogs feel comfortable and happy during the grooming process is one of the best feelings!

I was hired at Classic Grooming in April of 2012. It is a wonderful salon and Ron and my co workers have become like a family. I admire each of their grooming styles and learn new techniques on a daily basis. While at Classic, I have started working toward my NDGAA Master Grooming Certification. In April of 2019 I certified in Non-Sporting with a Standard Poodle, Shadow.


JECA MCALISTER - GROOMER ~ with us since 02/26/2014

After leaving the hair industry I became a vet tech in Hilton Head, SC. I wasn't content in that environment and found Classic Grooming after moving back to Charlotte. While bathing for Classic I started learning how to groom dogs from Ron and have now been grooming full time for 3 years. I love finding the perfect style for each pet and truly enjoy being able to work with them in a positive way and helping them feel at ease. While I don't plan to compete, I do love attending trade shows and seminars to keep learning more.


MELISSA JONES - CUSTOMER SERVICE ~ with us since 03/17/2015

I have always been an animal lover and have owned or been owned by dogs my whole life. I started with Classic Grooming as a part-time employee in 2015, but quickly decided to make CG my full time family. it’s truly a joy to absolutely love where I work and who I work with.



I’ve been in the grooming industry for almost 30 years. What I have found the most rewarding is the unconditional love the dogs have. You can have a bad day and they can just cheer you up. I look forward to seeing all my 4 legged friends every day. I have knowledge of the business as I did an apprenticeship with 2 sisters who owned and showed English Setters. It didn’t take long for me to learn breed standards and understand how the dogs should look. Classic Grooming is an amazing place, and I appreciate the attention to detail and how I can help with the expectation of quality.


EURONDA MITCHELL - BATHER ~ with us since 07/27/2016


SHELBY BURTON - GROOMER ~ with us since 11/01/2016



I have been grooming since 2006 and I've been at Classic Grooming since 2017. Growing up I was active in dog shows, lure coursing, 4-H, and and agility. This easily led to the grooming world. In 2011 I began competing in grooming competitions and started my certifications. I'm now a National Certified Master Groomer as well as a Certified Feline Master Groomer. I love working on rare breeds and learning new techniques and styles, as well as teaching and motivating others. My future goals are to be on GroomTeam USA and to help all our groomers become certified.


MATT TURNER - DAYCARE MANAGER ~ with us since 04/11/2017

I think everyone would agree that I have the best job around. For half a decade I've been blessed to work with some of the best people and dogs of the Charlotte area. I am the proud manager of our exclusive doggie daycare for Classic Grooming. We maintain one of the safest and most trusted fun centers in the region. I pride myself in going above and beyond to be our client canines best friend away from home. Dog and facility safety are my priorities.


COURTNEY BOAHN - DAYCARE ATTENDANT ~ with us since 05/17/2017

Having been an avid animal lover my entire life I’m ecstatic to be working with the Classic Grooming family! I’ve been in the K9 industry for four years now, two of which I’ve enjoyed here at Classic Grooming, and I look forward to all of the adventures to come. My knowledge of dog behavior only gets better every day as I watch over everyone’s fur babies in the daycare center.

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MEAGHAN FARREN - GROOMER ~ with us since 02/07/2018

I have been in the pet industry for 15 years. My love for animals started at a young age, having a multitude of different small pets as well as dogs. I began my career at Petsmart as a dog trainer and pet bather, before being accepted to their grooming academy. I was with Petsmart for 10 years before deciding to work at a few privately owned groom shops to expand her experiences. I started with Classic Grooming in February of 2018 and recently became a Certified Terrier Groomer through the NDGAA. Looking forward to becoming a Certified Master Groomer and plans to compete at grooming shows in the future.


STACEY BRUNO - GROOMER ~ with us since 06/01/2018

I have been an animal lover my whole life. I grew up in a household where there were always dogs and cats running around and I began volunteering at shelters at the age of 13. I have a true passion for animals and have always wanted to become a groomer. I knew Classic Grooming was the right fit for me, because from my start here everyone was so generous in sharing their knowledge, skills, and passion!


JUSTIN SOCHAN - DAYCARE ATTENDANT ~ with us since 11/13/2018

Love working in the daycare at Classic Grooming because I love working with animals, especially dogs! It’s awesome getting to know the dog’s personality and what makes them happy. When the dogs are happy it makes me happy. The whole facility is nothing but positive and radiant, which makes working here a great place.


ADERICK HALL - GROOMER ~ with us since 02/06/2019

Over 15 years experience in dog grooming with special skills in pet styling. I’m a hardworking, dedicated and disciplined problem solver, who is eager to learn and share knowledge with peers. Encourages and motivates team members.

Classic Grooming is impressive with so many breeds with great styles. All of the groomers are talented. I love working at Classic Grooming, its a very pleasant place to work.


CONNIE CIPRIANO - CUSTOMER SERVICE ~ with us since 03/16/2019


Robby - customer service ~ with us since 08/20/2019

I have had dogs my entire life. I can’t imagine not having them around. My favorite breeds are Boston Terriers and Chihuahuas. I had the pleasure of working in the daycare department at Classic Grooming for close to 2 years. I made so many dog friends and learned so much about dog behavior, and overall just had a blast! After a year away from Classic Grooming I missed the staff and all the dogs so much that I just had to come back. Now I am working Customer Service and enjoying getting to know the dog owners while still getting to see all my favorite dogs! I plan to continue learning as much about dog grooming as possible in hopes of becoming a groomer in the future. The groomers here are unbelievably talented and I plan to learn as much from them as possible. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Classic Grooming family.